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Rat Rod Bird Hunt How to Bring Home the Bird

June 2nd, 2014

Rat Rod Bird Hunt  How to Bring Home the Bird

Our Rat Rod Bird Hunt - U Really Need to Click the Web Link to View the Blog Post in All its Glory! Go Ahead - U'll be able to listen to Picnic Music - See the Videos and access other links - - Have Fun! ~:0) VivaChas Hot Rod Art!

Just look at that freshly cut meadow! The stubble hides seeds and insects displaced by Hay Mowing. It's the perfect spot for a Tailgate Party up in the Texas Hill Country. The Pix Rat Rod Bird Hunt is about that picnic. ~:0)

A Little Picnic Music For U While You Visit ~:0)

Here's some nice Picnic Music while you're exploring today's story about our Rat Rod Bird Hunt - Source: texpaco

Just a Word About the Composer

"Morris Stoloff was a musical composer who worked as a musical director at Columbia Pictures from 1936 to 1962. He ranks among some of the most-nominated individuals in the history of the Academy Awards. He won 3 Oscars for best scores, for Cover Girl, The Jolson Story, and Song Without End, and was nominated 14 other times. Stoloff was one of the first to combine music from a motion picture and release as a soundtrack album. These songs were featured in the movie Picnic starring William Holden and Kim Novak. Moonglow has long been a favorite of jazz musicians, many of whom have rendered classic interpretations. This selection spent several weeks at #1 on the Billboard charts in 1956 and was also #9 for that year." Source: texpaco

Back to the Rat Rod Bird Hunt

So we know this great spot out along Texas Highway 16 between Bandera and Kerrville that is a beautiful spot for a Rat Rod Bird Hunt Tailgate Party. "Why go in a rat rod pickup?" you ask. "Because We Can" my reply - Ha! We're always looking for excuses to take a rat rod out on a cruise. What better ride for some time out in the bush (so to speak). Got to be out there in a capable pickup truck anyway. Why shouldn't it be in one of the best rat rod trucks I've come across in a long time.

The Luckenbach Open Car Show

We first came across this bewdy of a rat rod pickup at the Luckenbach Open Car Show. It's in June of every year. You should make it a point to go and spend the day. Bend your elbow at "The Beer Joint". Groove to the Texana sounds from the band there for the event. Walk under the shade of the Oak Trees and Mesquite. Drool over the plethora of Hot Rods - Rat Rods - Street Rods and more! ~:0)

PICNIC (1955) original TRAILER

Get in a picnic mood with this trailer from the Classic Movie Picnic. Great Flick ~:0) "Directed by Joshua Logan Starring William Holden and Kim Novak." Source: elmorro

No Little Birdies Were Harmed

That's right - No Little Birdies were harmed in the making of this VivaChas! Hot Rod Art - Rat Rod Bird Hunt. Though quail and dove are mighty fine sport for fellowship with friends. And cooking them up in the field during a tailgating picnic party is a superb way to spend a delightful day. The only bird present for this picnic was good ole JuJu. She held a big old strobe up on a long pole to get that great highlight on the rear fender of the Rat Rod Bird Hunt Pickup - Ha!

What Kind of Truck Is It?

Good question. I know someone out there will tell me otherwise, but I think it's the best parts of a '29 or there a bouts Ford Pickup. Here's an Old Car Ad from back in that day. ~:0)
Okay - couldn't find a Ford Truck ad so here's a nice one about a great little Model A. Model A's have become the most sought after ride for hot rods and rat rods like our Rat Rod Bird Hunt Pickup. Picture source: Old Car Advertising

1929 Ford Model A ad photo courtesy Old Car Advertising ~:0)

1930 Ford Model A pickup, RAT ROD, Roof chopped, slammed

You'll note when a rod is slammed down low there's just no cargo room in that truck bed. That's just one of the variants you'll see in hot rodded pickups. This is a great little rat rod but I do like to have at least one pickup around the place that can actually carry a load like our Rat Rod Bird Hunt ride. ~:0)
Video Source: peteq1972

Check It Out!

Have a look at this bewdy - and it's for sale! Video Source: RK Motors Charlotte

Soz Here's Whatcha Do ~:0)

Get yourself a fine ride. It can be any kind of "Weekend" ride you like. We happen to like old iron for our jaunts. You drive whatcha like - U have our permission. Just get out there in the world and ride or drive or walk - whatever it is you do. Instead of working all the time - live your life - while you still can. And it wouldn't hurt my feelings if you had a nice VivaChas! Hot Rod Art Work up on your wall. Find one you like at our store - the vender's the top in the nation. Get yourself or your loved one a print. Or at least get 'em a nice VivaChas! T-Shirt for inspiration - while they're still legal to own - Ha! Go have some fun you lot! ~:0) VivaChas!

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Speaking of Fun!

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March 27th, 2013

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